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Welcome to Leadkeepers.com

We make small brochure-ware websites. Our main clients are marketing firms that don't have their own web design staff however, we also work with many web design companies.

We offer Wordpress or Joomla packages at very low cost. And we're happy to give quotes on customization or programming. We do NOT outsource. Please see our demos in the main menu above.

Our Basic Site Includes

  • Joomla / Wordpress CMS
  • Template Design
  • Animated Header
  • 2 Text Pages w/Images
  • Contact Form
  • 20 Image Gallery
  • Google Map w/Directions
  • 3 YouTube Videos
  • Facebook Feed
  • Twitter Feed
  • AddThis Social Buttons
  • SEF URLs
  • Custom Meta Tags
  • Mobile Friendly

Contact Us Today

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: http://leadkeepers.com

We offer Yootheme and Elegant Themes templates at no extra cost. If you purchase a template from another company, we'll be happy to work with it.